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  • Gold Double Druzy Bracelet
  • Gold Double Druzy Bracelet


Gold Double Druzy Bracelet



FREE SHIPPING All Day, Everyday

The Uptown Strut®️ Marcia Moran Gold Double Druzy Bracelet features a luxurious 18k gold plated bracelet that’s sparkling with gold druzy stones that is truly a show stopper!!

  • Stones Measure 3/4”x 1/4"
  • Bracelet has a very slight malleability so once you place on wrist and fall in love, you can make it yours by very slightly forming around wrist* (*Take extreme care and do minimally.  Upon making any adjustments to form, return policy does not apply.)
  • Handmade in Brazil
  • With natural semi-precious stones each piece has a unique texture, shine, and color

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